Monthly Archives: April 2014

Edinburgh Open Innovation Project videos

Creation Editor recently produced the videos for the different businesses part of the exciting Open Innovation Project managed by the Edinburgh City Council.

The project allows organizations to look beyond their internal resources to develop new products, services, and sources of revenue. It works with businesses, communities and academia in North West Europe to promote collaborative approaches to innovation.

Popcorn Horror:  Engaging a community in support for bite-sized horror cinema.

 Mallzee: Developing new markets with a personalised shopping application.

Krotos Ltd: Transforming the human voice into monster sounds.

i2eye Diagnostics Ltd: Visual Field Analyser – Releasing the potential of unused Intellectual Property.

Beckdales: Reveal – a new product to reduce risk of infection.

ArxBio: Developing vaccines for farmed livestock.

Converge Challenge 2013

We covered the award ceremony for Scotland’s premier business competition, which brings together the most ambitious and creative thinkers from academia, research and business. Congratulations to the winners Kishan Gupta for UXCam and Madhu Nair & Philip Benson for Saccade Diagnostics!



Scotland’s premier business competition brings together the most ambitious and creative thinkers from academia, research and business.

Creation Editor produced new videos for Thinktastic

We were pleased to work again with Mike Stevenson, one of the best motivational speakers in Scotland, who challenges businesses to think out of the box for improving aspects as important as customer service, decision making and confidence gaining. It’s all about being passionate and making a difference, and Mike couldn’t be a better example.

In Mike’s latest video he announces details of his upcoming training course. Just one fun packed day with Mike, where you’ll learn tricks and techniques that guarantee an immediate improvement in your powers to present!

See more of Mike’s videos and find out more about Thinktastic on their website.