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Braveheart at Dominion Cinema

Braveheart at Dominion Cinema

This year we couldn’t be more grateful to the amazing Dominion Cinema for choosing us to cover their Braveheart 20th Anniversary event, as part of the Edinburgh International Film Festival.

Braveheart at Dominion Cinema


At this commemorative screening we witnessed a truly exciting reunion of most members of the film cast, including our national treasures Brian Cox and Peter Mullan. The event also marked the film’s special Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD release for Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.

Brian Cox at Braveheart reunion Peter Mullan at Braveheart reunion


The event was widely covered by the media (Herald Scotland, Daily Record) and featured a Q & A session with the cast members. It also included a video message from Mel Gibson, who sent his regards from his latest film set in the US. The film was screened right after the Q & A session.

The Dominion Cinema nailed their hosting role by creating the perfect atmosphere with “real” Highlanders, bagpipe playing, real fire and full tartan carpet to honor the film to perfection. What a wonderful day!



Promotional video for JCI Edinburgh

In June, we produced a promotional video for JCI Edinburgh which is now displayed on their website‘s front page.

JCI is an international self-development organization for people in their twenties and thirties. It helps them develop personal and business skills by running training courses and activities, and it also acts as a space for people to socialize and have a good time.

We had the chance to film one of their events with passionate contributions from their members. We were also provided with some photographs from other events which we animated and added to the video. It shows really well the high motivation of everyone involved, it was a real privilege to work with such a nice organization!


We received a lovely testimonial by JCI Edinburgh President Leeanne Bradley, thanks so much! It’s great to have feedback and it was a pleasure for us too.



And as a little bonus, yes, we do film in high heels:



Jargon dance film

Jargon dance film

Jargon is a short dance film and is part of ongoing research being carried out at the Dance Psychology Lab at the University of Hertfordshire. The work addresses how emotional expression is communicated and understood through the body and non-verbal behaviour. Can you really not judge a person on how they look? What do we actually see? It is often how an action is presented and judged that communicates our intended message, our emotion and personal history. A trace of the interpretation and essence of such actions is left behind to affect others within the room, influencing their subsequent actions. The work uses body language as linguistic cues to communicate emotional expression alongside the spoken word. The research and creation of Jargon has been funded by the Arts Council England and supported by UH Arts.


Jargon dance film

Choreographed and directed by Amy Louise Watson.

Filmed and edited by Creation Editor.