About us

I am Sabine Klaus-Carter, director of Creation Editor Ltd. Together with my team we produce high quality videos for corporate businesses. Our services range from producing online promotional videos to covering corporate events, staff training films and weddings. We also provide password-protected online video uploads and DVD production services.

+ Videos for Social Media (Twitter, Youtube, Facebook,..)
+ Training Videos
+ Testimonial Videos/ Vox Pops
+ In-House Videos (e.g. for Intranet, presentations, sharing)
+ Podcast Videos for Blogs, Websites & Emails
+ Videos for Coaching
+ Confidence to Camera
+ Video Production Training
+ Events Documentation
+ Videos for Awards Ceremonies
+ Professionally produced DVDs for sale
+ Video E-Cards
+ Virals

Personal – Memorable – Successful!!!

We are known for the quality of our services and pride ourselves on keeping to budget and schedule.

Personally, I am also available as a video editor for hire. You can work with me in my comfortable office or I can come with my portable editing suite to wherever suits you best.

Creation Editor – Putting Your Vision into Video!

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