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Creation Editor presentations: How to make a great video

Creation Editor’s Director Sabine Klaus-Carter has given presentations at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh College and as of latest at Edinburgh University Business School for Finance and Napier University. In these presentations she gives an insight into the world of video production, starting from the basics.

Napier University

Videography involves different kinds of knowledge but producing a video can be made simple and easy depending on what is needed. Over the years, Sabine has also helped several clients and their staff with creating their own videos whether in weekend workshops, over lunchtime presentations as well as in 1-2-1 scenarios.

Luminate Talk

In March 2016, Sabine had the pleasure to share her knowledge about B2B and B2C marketing to the Master students in marketing at Napier University.

From the most commonly used filming devices to the importance of a quality audio recording as well as the main rules of editing, it is vital to consider these key points in order to obtain a professional looking video.

With her background in art activities for elderly and disabled, Sabine can also present alternative ways using new media as she did at her talk for Luminate Festival at Anderson Strathern.



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Last year, together with Anna Ramsay, Sabine ran a three-day workshop at Cloud Festival teaching insights into how to work with camera, dance and how to add the magic in the edits.

Most tools to make your own simple video are there and often ready to hand and Sabine is passionate about helping to make a “basic” video look really good. Simply knowing the tricks of the trade is sometimes all it takes.

So, if you are looking for professional development workshops in videography, Sabine can offer the full range from pre-production to filming and editing whether for groups or 1-2-1 basis.

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Creation Editor presentations


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