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Maths On Track Numeracy Map

We can’t think of anyone more passionate and knowledgeable about maths than Tom Renwick. He has been helping teachers, pupils and parents across Scotland since 2000. Maths On Track offers simple and useful teaching resources for those learners who need to boost their numeracy ability. He is now introducing Maths On Track Numeracy Map.


Over the last four years, we have produced over 150 videos for Maths on Track… and we can proudly say our math skills have gone through the roof!

Maths On Track Numeracy Map

In this latest video, Tom demonstrates how to use two important learning tools he developed: the Numeracy Map for people with dyscalculia and the Alphabet Map for people with dyslexia. You can purchase it at their Online Store.

Maths On Track _ Numeracy Map: Beneficial for All Learners from Creation Editor on Vimeo.