Testimonial by Edinburgh Young Carers Project

We received a lovely testimonial by Edinburgh Young Carers Project about the video we produced for them in April last year. We included some stills from it in this article so you can get a feel of how it looked, since the video was made for internal use only.

Edinburgh Young Carers Project is doing an amazing job by helping young people who have the massive responsibility of taking care of someone with different problems and needs at home. This voluntary organisation gives the young carers the chance to get a break, meet friends and have fun, supporting them in many different ways.


We are really happy to have the chance to help in projects like this, which mean such a relief for vulnerable people in difficult situations. This time we followed the group to a skate park, where they enjoyed a mix of activities including dancing, skateboarding and riding scooters and BMX bikes.


They even got to do some filming! How? Some of the young skaters had a GoPro camera attached to their helmet.


They had a celebration launch night where Sabine, young people and EYCP staff got together to watch the DVD. The young people were delighted and got so much out of the project and developing their ideas into a beautifully finished product they can be proud of. The DVD has been used at training events with teachers, social workers, community educators and events at places such as the Scottish Parliament and Edinburgh City Chambers.

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Here is the scanned testimonial we received. Many thanks for your kindness, Edinburgh Young Carers Project!

Edinburgh Young Carer Testimonial 2