We have a strong link with the dance, media and art community by hosting the international mailing list for dance-media-arts.

Sabine Klaus has performed live since 1996.

Her most recent work ‘Either Or’ was created for Dr Dance’s Psychology Danced Show.

In the international dance and media scene, Creation Editor is also known for my work as a screendance designer and presenter. You can follow my exploits on my vblog and blog on Dance-tech.

I enjoy working with dancers, dance companies and dance media artists. One of the companies I have collaborated with is Company Chameleon on various video dance projects that were inspired by their performances and movements. Click here to view the video TRENCH – Die Furchen which has featured in film festival like Moves in Manchester/UK, ShortShort in Tokyo/Japan and ImPulsTanz in Vienna/Austria as well as it was short listed for a Virgin Media Shorts award.

My personal research investigates the relationship between the viewers’ muscle empathy and the moving image. Click research to find out more and link to The State of Play which is mentioned in my research..

I also host the international mailing list that presents opportunities and news in media, arts and dance. Click here to join!

Over the course of 2009, I produced the documentary series ‘Dance Plus’ in collaboration with Tendu TV and Dance-Tech. The series trilogy presents the contemporary dance media artists Jeannette Ginslov (South Africa), Arthur Elsenaar (Holland), Katrina McPherson and Simon Fildes (Scotland). ‘Dance Plus’ is available for download on Amazon.

During the 2010 Edinburgh Fringe Festival, I performed at the Dr Dance show which subsequently led to the current development for the INSPIRED performance in May 2011.